Ch. Forever’s Frat Party  
Kegger LOVES life.  His “Mr. Personality” style made him a blast to show, and now, to be at home and lounge… Kegger learned about the show ring with a variety of less than traditional incentives.  He is not one to hang out in his crate; he insists on being with the “people” gang.  We discovered this after some trial and error, and giving him more time with humans, he seemed to really engage in the show ring game.  This knowledge was further enhanced when we realized that he adores ice cream, strawberry being his favorite.  Every time he would show well, he was given this treat, and it seemed to turn his world around.  The day he earned his “CH”, ice cream was not enough.  He was given a nice cold beer!  (We tend to think he liked his enticements so much, he didn’t want the journey to end… (XXXXXXXXXX) reserves gave us a hint!)  Who knew ice cream could bring out his true showmanship side!  Just ask his “Fan Club” they cheered
him on, and provided ice cream too.  He is deeply loved, and to repay him for all he has given us, he will take this year off from the show ring, train in obedience, and return to the rings in 2013 as Jenn’s special.  Kegger is at stud to approved bitches.
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